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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Post natal depression

Well it's funny how people don't want to admit that they have post natal depression. I had a guy come in the other day to service the central heater and he was saying that his wife is so sensitive about everything! And I was going back to how I was at 3 months post natal,I probably was in the same shoes as her! All I could think is that I just had such great support from hubby. I think it's important to have a hubby who gives you all the emotional support you need during those times. All the hormonal changes,..ufff,you just wish that you didn't have to go through it! I told the guy to be cool and just take it easy. It will get better soon. I guess the first 3 months is pretty challenging especially with the first child but when you see your baby,you just feel that it's all worth it! Time flies so fast and you don't even notice it. I was wanting to record every single step of my baby but sometimes I just tend to forget. Though I would say there's no more depression on my end,that doesn't mean other mums are the same. Everyone goes through pregnancy and birth differently and I think we should all be wary of that. One more thing that did happen was that after giving birth,I just wanted to lose weight immediately. Duh! That's not going to happen. Some people get their pre-pregnancy weight back after a month,some after 3 months,some after a year and some never!!! I have come to terms that I will not get my pre pregnancy weight back anytime soon!!! Haha...especially with the amount of chocolate I'm eating. Anyway,depression happens and there's nothing to hide. Just have enough rest,and with great support,everything will be OK. Can't believe the guys wife and me went though labour the same way though,small world and amazing!!!

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