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Monday, May 28, 2012

Flower arranging workshop

Had to wake up early after a late night to go for this workshop but it was worth it. I was hopeless in arranging flowers and never really learned to arrange flowers I guess. I am not really a creative person but I can certainly follow instructions and get to where I need or want to be! So I saw this deal for flower arranging online and thought,why not! At least it will give me some time off from doing the normal things I do each day,not that I don't love it! :) Arrived at the place where I needed to be on the day but had a bit of issue finding the place. And no i wasnt the only I who had that problem. Finally found it,as we got in,the class had already started! There were about 10 person who were all really friendly and so was the instructor. Anyway,she showed us the tricks to ensuring that the flowers stay in place and look gorgeous too. She also explained about how to pick the correct flowers and good flowers when buying.For example, when you buy roses, make sure you check if the bottom bit of the rose bud is firm(as far as I can remember). If its soft, then don't buy it as it means that it is old. She also said that a lot of roses which you buy from the florists in Australia are important from Kenya, etc. I was really surprised that roses are imported cause the roses in Australia are so lovely as well. However there are many different types of roses and I guess different people have different preferences therefore the variety from overseas. The flowers that we used were Wax, Roses, Gerbera's, and Alstoemeria's. There was another flower which was brought in which is called Protea (from memory). It was lovely but more suitable if you would like an earthy flower feature in the room. Anyhow, I really enjoyed the class and here are some pictures of how my vase and flowers turned out in the end!

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