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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nargisi Kofta

Ok, so my hubby has been craving for Nargisi Kofta for quite some time. Haven't cooked it for quite some time as its quite time consuming to make it. Its not hard to make though. So, made it la on the day when hubby was home cause otherwise with the little one around, instead of Nargisi Kofta, it might become No Isi Kofta. So Nargisi Kofta is balls of minced meat with full boiled egg in the middle. This time though i cut the full boiled egg into half and moulded the kneaded meat around the egg. The reason behind this is that i wanted a small version of kofta instead of a huge one. Its easier to handle when frying this way. The curry is made separately and poured onto the fried kofta. Here are some pics! :)

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