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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pullao Rice and Spicy Balti Potatoes

YUmmmm!!! Both recipes were great! There are 2 recipes for Pullao Rice in the Balti Cookbook which are Colourful Pullao Rice and Fruity Pullao. What I did was mix the two recipes together as its pretty much the same (difference is that the fruit pullao includes raisins and silvered almonds in them).I'm not really into cooking rice without throwing the rice water away once the rice is cook but well....I think as long as you are serving the Pullao on the same day...the rice is awesome..otherwise it gets sticky once you put them in the fridge. Maybe someone has a better idea on how to make them non sticky...I did put butter..shouldn't it have separated? Maybe I should have put more butter?..hmmm..
The Spicy Balti Potatoes tasted really good as well. I made 2 times the amount but forgot to take a picture of it! Sorry guys :( time.. :) Anyway, here's the pullao picture. It probably doesn't look as good but tastes really good.


  1. This looks delicious! I'm new here and like your blog. Great background!

  2. Thanks Pam!! :) Hope you enjoy trying the recipes! :)