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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Toasted Coconut for Beef Rendang

I always wanted to make beef rendang but always wondered how can I make toasted coconut. So here is the way for making Toasted Coconut AM Team Style.

1. Buy Shredded Coconut from anywhere. I bought the Black and Gold Shredded Coconut which is easy as I have never found fresh shredded coconut here in Australia. You will be able to get it in Malaysia though.
2. Take as much of the shredded coconut that you want to toast and place it in a non stick pan. (I have only used 3 tablespoon here)
3. Turn on the fire. I put it on low flame so that I do not burn the coconut.

4. Once browned, place the toasted coconut in a grinder. You can also use batu tumbuk(granite mortar and pestle) if you wish to. It will be much better if you used batu tumbuk(as it is the best way to bring out the flavor but as I am always finding shortcuts, the grinder will do.
5. Your toasted coconut is now ready to be used when you make beef rendang.

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